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Are you depending on an organic search to drive web traffic? If so, then your revenue depends on getting a top SEO ranking

Getting to the top of the search engine results pages (SERP) increases your site’s visibility and increases your conversion rates. 

The top three websites on SERPs get more than 75% of the total clicks, with the leading website getting the lion’s share at 31%. 

In SEO, ranking refers to your web content position on search engines when a web user searches for a particular keyword. It’s a measure of how your web content compares to the competition when ranked by search engines. 

To rank web content, Google, the largest search engine, uses up to 200 ranking factors. Naturally, only the sites that meet these stringent conditions secure the coveted spots at the top of the SERPs.

Working with a leading SEO consultancy in Sydney, you can improve your site’s SEO ranking and dominate the competition.

Improve the Loading Speed


Internet users are in a hurry – they want quick answers to their questions and tend towards sites with lightning loading speeds. They’re quick to avoid sluggish and clunky sites. 

Pingdom found a strong correlation between page loading speed and bounce rates. Most web visitors allow only two seconds for a page to load before closing it. Pages with a 2-second loading speed had a 9% bounce rate, which soars to 38% on sites that take up to five seconds. 

But wait, there’s more to site loading speed than just user experience. Page speed is a critical Google ranking factor. Sites at the top of the SERPs load significantly faster than those ranked at the bottom. 

If you wish to rank higher on Google, you must increase your site speed as Google considers it a proven way to improve user experience.

Snag a Featured Snippet

what is a featured snippet google

Using featured snippets is the fastest way to get on the first page of Google without a budget, extensive SEO experience, or an authoritative site. Snagging a featured snippet is an excellent way to boost site visibility and drive traffic to your website. 

Featured snippets are the information bits that appear at the top of the SERPs, or immediately below the ads, when a web user searches for information. A featured snippet is Google’s vote of confidence that you have premium content that fulfils users needs. While featured snippets are open to everyone, they’re highly competitive since every webmaster wants a piece. 

Getting these featured snippets calls for superior content that addresses users interest, and provides in-depth answers to specific questions the readers are asking. What is more, you need to give the best answer to a particular problem to get featured.   

Increase the Dwelling Time

Google pays close attention to how long a web user stays on your page. Dwell time is one of the 200 ranking signals Google uses to determine the top SERP results. 

Dwell time is the amount of time a Google user spends on your page after clicking on it from search results before going back to the SERPs. It’s a measure of how long the user spends dwelling on your website exploring your content. 

A long dwelling time tells the search engine that your content is valuable and fulfills the search requirements. If many people linger on a page, Google gives it a ranking boost and will show the page to more people.

To increase dwelling times on your site, you need to hook the readers right off the bat. In addition to using long-form content, you should improve the page speed, optimize for mobile devices, and embed video content. 

Build Credible Backlinks


Also known as inbound links or incoming links, backlinks have a unique role in SEO ranking. Essentially, a backlink is a link that’s created when another website links to yours. 

Backlinks have profound SEO value because each link serves as a vote of confidence. If many sites link to your website, it signals the search engines that other webmasters vouch for your content. 

When search engines discover many inbound links to a site or a webpage, they infer that the content is helpful, so worth presenting to other web users. As a result, the page or website gets a bump in the search results.

Earning an extensive profile of backlinks improves your search visibility and boosts your site’s overall ranking. However, all backlinks aren’t created equal. 

An inbound link from popular and authoritative sites has a more profound SEO ranking effect than hundreds of links for spammy sites.

Refine Technical SEO

technical SEO venn diagram

If your site isn’t technically sound, it’ll still underperform even when you’re doing everything else right. Technical SEO refers to optimizing your site for crawling and indexing by search engines. It enables the search engines to access, crawl and index your website quickly. 

Unlike regular on- and off-page SEO, technical SEO has nothing to do with the content or web promotion. Its primary purpose is to improve the website’s infrastructure. 

The proper technical setup ensures an efficient site that’s fast and easy to use, creating a better experience for search engines and web visitors.

Search engines give preferential treatment to websites if they display specific technical characteristics. Some of these factors include an SSL certificate, being mobile-friendly, having fast loading speed, an XML sitemap, a structured data mark-up and optimized 404 pages. 

Since technical SEO can get a tad complicated, it may be best left to SEO professionals. A simple mistake can make your site uncrawlable by search engines. 

Take Charge of Your Site’s SEO Ranking

Getting to the top of the search engine results is key to your success when running a website reliant on organic search traffic. A top spot on the SERPs translates into many web visitors which can lead to increased conversion rates and sales. 

Organic traffic is the most lucrative because it doesn’t cost you a penny. You only need to rank your site at the top of the search results to reap the benefits. 

Naturally, snagging a coveted top spot on the SERPs is super competitive and requires considerable SEO knowledge, skills and experience. 

Retaining a reputable SEO consultancy in Sydney can improve your SEO ranking and build a profitable online presence that will grow your business. 

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