To build a formidable online presence for your business, a responsive web design is a must. This type of website design reformats depending on how the user is viewing your site to provide them with a better browsing experience.
Since their introduction in 2010, responsive websites have transformed the online landscape and helped businesses transform their online presence. The popularity of such websites in response to the increased usage of mobile phones to access the Internet.
As more people access the Internet from their devices, it is crucial that your website is mobile-friendly. Launching a new responsive site allows you to hit the ground running and gain quick traction.
By hiring an agency skilled in web design, Sydney businesses can build a formidable and profitable online presence.
Here are some of the benefits of using a responsive web design for your business:

Easier to Manage

A mobile-friendly responsive website saves you the cost and effort of running multiple sites. Previously, you had to build multiple websites to target different screen sizes. Thankfully, that’s no longer the case.
A responsive site detects the user’s device and automatically scales up or down to match the screen size. It makes for simple and intuitive site navigation for your online visitors while allowing for seamless management and marketing.
It now requires less to manage a responsive website as opposed to running both a desktop and mobile site. This allows you to run one SEO and Google Adwords campaign for your business instead of a separate one for each.
The Google Analytics of a responsive site offers a comprehensive picture of your online campaigns. The Google Analytics of a single site provides a complete picture of your online marketing efforts and performance.
If you run a regional business, a mobile-first website affords you the chance to dominate the local SEO results and grow your sales.

Higher Ranking on Search Results

Recognizing that most people use mobile devices when browsing the Internet, Google made responsive website design a key ranking factor. The search engine now gives ranking preference to mobile-friendly sites on their search results.
Therefore, a responsive website is crucial to launching a successful search optimisation campaign for your business. Remember, harnessing organic search traffic is the most profitable way to grow your business.
You only need to optimise your site for your business keywords, and the search engines will direct people to you. Sites ranking at the top of the search results gets the lion’s share of the search traffic.
Coupling a responsive website design and an excellent SEO campaign increases your chances of landing that coveted top spot. The click-through rate of a leading site on a Google search stands at 28.5% but falls to 15% and 11% for sites in second and third positions, respectively.

Improved User Experience

A responsive website scales its elements and content to fit the screen size of any gadget a customer uses to view your content. It delivers a smooth and consistent browsing experience across desktops, smartphones, and tablets.
Most importantly, it saves the reader the hassle of additional work when they need to view your content. A responsive site eliminates unnecessary scrolling, resizing, panning, or zooming, which is common on sites that aren’t optimised for different devices.
Optimising your site for a variety of devices makes for a smoother browsing experience. Prospects can jump straight to your offer instead of suffering the annoyance of trying to figure out how the site works.
Since a responsive design delivers a consistent browsing experience across all devices, it gives your business a professional feel. It lets people access the content and information quickly, which creates a positive user experience. Naturally, people are inclined to try out a business that makes a positive first impression.

OptimizedLocal Search Result

A responsive web design allows you to use the mobile-first approach, which is another Google ranking factor. The mobile-first approach optimises a website for the smallest screen size first, then works up to the larger sizes.
Having a mobile-friendly website is a crucial element for businesses hoping to top local search results. With an excellent local SEO, you can tower over your competition and massively increase visibility within your locality.
Research shows that 72% of the people using local searches will visit a physical store within 5 miles of their location. More importantly, 78% of the leads from a local search on a mobile device results in a sale.
Optimising your site for a local search using a responsive website is an ideal way to grow your local business. It can boost your lead generation efforts, grow your client base, and skyrocket your sales.

Engage Your Audience

Mobile-friendly responsive websites are lighter and can load in less than three seconds, much to the delight of your visitors. Research shows that online visitors avoid poorly designed and clunky sites that take more than three seconds to load.
A lightning-fast website encourages visitors to linger and browse your products and offers, which increases your conversion rates. More leads translate into more customers, which in turn results in a revenue boost.
When visitors spend more time on your website, it reduces your bounce rate, another important Google ranking factor. Search engines use the bounce rate to determine a site’s usefulness to web visitors. If visitors linger, it signals to the search engines that your web content is useful, which results in a favourable search ranking.
Ranking at the top of the search results increases your online and brand presence, making it easy for prospects to find your business.

Harness Quick Wins

Technically, a responsive web design hands you a myriad of quick wins that’ll help grow your business.

Harness Quick Wins
Hiring an agency skilled in web design in Sydney to build a responsive web design for your business makes it possible to overtake your competition.

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