Creating a high-conversion sales funnel is an incredible way to shore up your online marketing efforts. It allows you to close more sales and generate more revenue.
But, what exactly are sales funnel? It is a marketing strategy that breaks down a customer’s journey into a series of steps to steer them towards a positive buying decision.
There are three stages – top, middle, and bottom – corresponding to a prospect’s familiarity with your brand and products.
People who are unaware of your brand are at the top, while those interested in your product line fall in the middle. Finally, those who are already considering paying for your products are at the bottom.
Each stage of the marketing funnel requires different marketing tactics to address stage-specific concerns and drive the prospects to the next buying stage.
Creating successful sales funnel conversions might be a tad challenging, but you can power through it with the help of a reputable digital agency in Hawkesbury. Here are five ways that can help get you started.

Create Landing Pages

Create Landing Pages

A successful sales funnel addresses all the stages that a prospect goes through while planning to buy a product or try out a new service. Therefore, the top of the funnel is the best place to start.
For online businesses that use a website for lead generation, the top of the funnel centres around building web traffic. You need to direct prospects to your online assets and generate steady and reliable traffic to your website.
The first step entails building lead magnets or landing pages. These pages offer a glimpse into your products and services while prompting the prospect to find out more about your brand.
For a relatively new brand, the landing pages should target the top of the funnel. But, you can create a lead magnet for each stage of the buyer’s journey.
Landing pages include several Call-to-Action buttons, social proof, product specs, and other useful information.

Drive Traffic to Landing Pages

Once you’ve ensured that your landing pages check all the boxes and are optimized for conversion, it’s time to get the word out. You need to direct prospects to your lead magnets and get them to interact with your offers.
Luckily, there are several proven ways to drive qualified traffic to a landing page where your offer can usher them into the next buying stage.
Typically, the best web traffic generating model boils down to your goals, budget, and target audience. Some popular methods include:
Drive Traffic to Landing Pages
You can use all three methods in tandem if you have the budget and expertise.

Build Your Email List

Building an email list allows you to launch specific marketing campaigns that target prospects at each buying process stage. It entails providing prospects with additional information about your products in exchange for their email address.
Typically, you need to create a downloadable lead magnet, such as an e-book, checklist, or valuable information. Once you’ve captured the email address, you can send the prospect more information that addresses stage-specific buying concerns.
Creating lead magnets at each stage of the buyer’s journey lets you segment your prospects into various stages. For the best results:
Build a variety of lead magnets.
Embed the lead magnet prominently on landing pages.
Make it effortless for people to provide their information.

Embrace Email Marketing

An online visitor, who signs up to your email list, has expressed interest in your products and is, therefore, a warm lead. Email marketing helps to move these warm leads down the funnel and convert them into paying customers.
By signing up for your email list or newsletter, they express an interest in learning more about your products and services. Once you’ve established their stage in the buying journey, you can tailor your email list with the relevant information.
People on your list may be on the fence about your products, uncertain about buying or using the product or need a little more convincing.
Creating an email series that addresses these issues can help move the prospects along the marketing funnel. You can even use custom software to track the email list and gauge someone’s interest in your product.

Track and Improve Sales Funnels

The beauty of email marketing is that it allows for personalised interaction with your prospects and customers. You can reach out to them and seek feedback and opinions about your product and services.
With specialised email marketing solutions, you can track how your email list interacts with your potential buyers. Email opening rates can help you narrow down the most popular content and topics, offering further insights into the prospect’s state of mind.
Alternatively, you can mail out quizzes, questionnaires, or open calls for people to provide feedback about your services.
You can then use the information and insights to tweak and improve your email campaign. Constant input from customers and prospects can help you polish your marketing efforts to a high degree. With time, you’ll create a high conversion email sequence that you can use continuously.
A successful email marketing campaign allows you to automate the marketing process.

Skyrocket Your Conversion Rates

Skyrocket Your Conversion Rates

Building a profitable sales funnel takes continuous, concerted efforts by the business owner, but it’s well worth the effort.
If you build it right, a funnel can double or triple your conversion rates, leading to a significant bump in your revenue.
For the best results, build a funnel that addresses all stages of the buyer’s journey, starting at the top and working your way to the bottom.
If you’re not quite up to it, you can retain the skilled folks at a leading digital agency in Hawkesbury and let them help you create a highly efficient sales funnel.

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