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Local Business Search

Why opt for local SEO services?

A key decision to make when deciding who to market your products or services to is what geographical area you are aiming to cover. Whilst some businesses have a national, or even global reach, many others will be looking at attracting a local audience primarily. If you’re a restaurant or garage, for example, it’s likely that the majority of your customers are going to come from nearby. If that’s the case, it’s important that your website, social media and other online portals send out a clear message that you and your area are linked.

Small business SEO can really make a difference

Local SEO requires a different approach to a larger reach. The aim of local SEO is to emphasise both the service you provide and where you provide it. People near you are likely to search for your service alongside their location, for example, “plumber in Sydney” or “Chinese takeaway Hawkesbury”. They may also simply search using a synonym for local: for example, “nearby dry cleaners” or “taxi firm in my neighbourhood”. If your local SEO is working well, the search engines should pick out your site when these types of searches are made. Local SEO differentiates your business from the crowd: there may be thousands of accountants across Australia, but once you add in a location descriptor, such as “Western Sydney accountants”, the search narrows considerably and your firm is more likely to rank highly.

Affordable SEO for your business website

Focus on Digital provide a full range of website design, online marketing and SEO services that can help you to attract your chosen audience. Because we are located in Sydney, we have particular expertise in working with businesses in the local area. Capable of creating a small business website that has the content and structure needed to tempt local customers into giving you their business, we can also work with medium-sized businesses to help them build reach and enhance customer loyalty. Our goal is always to add value to your website, ultimately resulting in a measurable return on your investment.

Custom SEO solutions that work!

Our team at Focus on Digital has a thorough understanding of current SEO techniques and practices. Because online marketing and website features are constantly changing and improving, it’s important to work with a company that has the up-to-date knowledge needed to ensure your site doesn’t get left behind. We are a local marketing business that’s proud of our reputation for helping other enterprises near us achieve their goals. Our team is able to complete as much or as little of your marketing as you need. Focus on Digital can provide complete solutions as well as defined projects to complement your overall strategy, we are the preferred choice of a growing number of businesses in and around Sydney.

Get in touch to discuss your local SEO requirements in more detail, or to tell us what you want to achieve when it comes to your marketing goals – then let us turn your desired outcomes into reality.