Richmond NSW

Population 5,482

Richmond Part of The Hawkesbury City Council

Richmond is a suburb in the city of Hawkesbury, which is part of Greater Sydney. It is located 63kms North-west of Sydney CBD. Richmond is located next to the Hawkesbury – Nepean river on a slightly raised land. The town was named by Governor Lachlan Macquarie in December 1810 and is one of the 5 ‘Macquarie towns’. The other Macquarie towns are Wilberforce, Windsor, Castlereagh and Pitt Town. As of a 2016 census, the population of Richmond is 5,482.

richmond NSW

Richmond Living

Richmond is a blend of modern suburbia and older heritage buildings. The presence of many historical buildings around the area adds character to the daily life of residents in the area. The Richmond railway station that is serviced by Sydney Trains is a heritage listed building. The railway line was opened in 1864 as a rural branch line to service the growing farming district.

Richmond Park

The historic, heritage-listed Richmond Park is bounded by East Market, Windsor and March Streets. The pavilion at the park was built in 1883-84 and is today used for sporting events on the grounds. The park is home to the Richmond Good Food Markets on Saturday mornings, which showcases the best produce and food from the Hawkesbury region. 

Walking along the sandstone lined streets of Richmond, you will discover quaint little cafes, unique boutiques, vintage shops and more. Local businesses utilise the services of marketing agencies to keep up to date with current business trends.


Hawkesbury Heritage Trails & Buildings

Visitors to Richmond can grab a free Heritage Walking Booklet from the Visitor Information Centre and embark on a journey through time. Highlights include the former Richmond Post Office, the Court House which is still in use today, Eulabah, which at one point was used as district hospital and the St Andrews Presbyterian Church. 

Richmond Golf Club

Those inclined to outdoor activities will be interested in the Richmond Golf Club. With a backdrop of the famous Blue Mountains, enjoy a game of golf on this lush and well-maintained golf course. The 18-hole course is also home to the Australian PGA Seniors Championship. It is also one of the oldest golf courses in Australia and the only one that stands on the original site since it’s inception.

Richmond Golf Club

Richmond TAFE

Richmond has a number of learning institutions, from primary to higher education, including a TAFE. The Western Sydney University’s Hawkesbury campus is located in Richmond, next to Richmond TAFE. The campus offers courses in forensic science, nursing, environmental health, medical science, natural science and secondary school science teaching.

Pugh’s Lagoon

At the end of the town is Pugh’s Lagoon. This picturesque lagoon is the perfect spot for a picnic, bird watching and even a little fishing. A booklet on the wetland birds of Sydney is available at the Visitor Information Centre for those interested.

Pugh’s Lagoon

Bowman House

One of the most notable families in Richmond was the Bowman family. They were one of the earliest settlers in the colony and were instrumental in the building of so many buildings in Richmond. Many of the heritage buildings that were used in public service was established with the donation and the political support of George Bowman. Bowman house on 368-370 Windsor Street, is one of the oldest surviving buildings in NSW. Call Focus On Digital for your Website Build.