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Much like an oil change, SEO analysis is one of the most critical preventive care routines for your business website. An SEO analysis, or audit, addresses your site’s technical infrastructure along with on- and off-page elements to improve its search engine visibility, user-friendliness and conversion rates.

Since SEO analysis is tied to your website’s performance, and is crucial to your long-term success, it’s best to carry out a site audit regularly. The audits are essential to ensuring that your SEO strategy is efficient in driving search engine traffic to your website. 

An SEO audit by a reputable digital agency in Sydney goes beyond the site’s aesthetics to address its functionality and ability to meet your business objective.

Here are five benefits of carrying out a sitewide SEO analysis on your business website:

Identify and Fix Your Site’s Technical Issues

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An efficient SEO analysis roots out all the technical SEO problems that could be crippling your site’s online presence. Technical SEO helps search engines crawl your site and rank it in the search engine results pages (SERPs). It sums up all the work done on the site besides writing and uploading content. 

Some of the technical SEO issues that benefit from an SEO analysis include: 

  • Page loading speed. Since Google prioritises UX (user experience) over everything else, website load speeds are crucial. An audit identifies factors that cause long loading speeds, including redundant codes, slow server response and large images.
  • 301 and 302 redirects, and 404 errors. Site redirects ruin the user experience, while 404 errors undermine your site’s credibility. Fixing these issues improves the UX. 
  • Crawlability. Errors in the robots.txt file, wrong tags, and lack of a sitemap lower the site’s crawlability. An audit pinpoints the specific problem, and lets you fix them.    

Find and Fix On-page Problems

On-page SEO refers to a series of optimisations that improve your ability to serve your target market with your quality content. It’s a low-hanging fruit that will boost your site’s online visibility and ranking position. 

Carrying out SEO analysis helps to uncover some problematic elements: 

  • Incorrect Meta Titles and Meta Descriptions. Meta titles should be 35 to 75 characters and must contain a keyword. The descriptions shouldn’t exceed 160 characters, but should include a keyword and a call-to-action (CTA), if applicable. 
  • Improper header usage. Header usage can make or break the ability to rank your site. Optimised content uses H1, H2, H3, and even H4. 
  • Keyword usage. Keyword stuffed pages rank poorly while over-optimization leads to keyword cannibalism. An audit identifies pages with these problems.
  • Internal Links. Inadequate internal links lead to poor user experience and ruin your chances of topping the SERPs.

Reveals Poor Backlink Profiles

Backlinks are a crucial Google ranking factor, and credible links improve your site’s position in the SERPs. Search engines use backlinks to determine the site’s quality and its perceived value to the web users. 

Reputable backlinks drive web traffic to your site, rank your brand higher on search engines, and build credibility. Judicious link building will catapult your website to the top of the SERPs and increase your revenue. 

However, not all links are built the same, with search engines growing smarter by the day it’s quality over quantity. Therefore, you must verify your links come from a variety of reputable sites. Questionable links can bring your site into disrepute. 

An SEO analysis helps ensure that you have a clean backlink profile and help direct your backlinking strategy. It affords you the chance to disavow spammy links to your site before they ruin your reputation. 

Assess Your Site Architecture

An efficient site structure and architecture translates into an excellent user experience for web users. It also helps the bots crawl and understand the site’s content, which boosts search engine ranking. 

For this reason, you should organise the site’s structure clearly and logically, and submit an accurate sitemap to the webmaster tools. 

It’s also crucial to have a strong URL structure related to your site’s hierarchy and use simple naming conventions. It helps to avoid using numbers and symbols in the URLs.

Efficient site structure entails listing main webpages on the site’s top navigation menu to help visitors and bots understand the content easily. Proper internal linking helps users and bots move between pages on the site quickly and efficiently. 

Carrying out an SEO analysis guarantees a stable site architecture, which increases your chances of rising to the top of the SERPs. 

 Helps Refine Your Content Strategy

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One of the perks of running a site audit is that it allows you to keep an eye on the competition. It’ll let you identify your rivals, unveil their SEO strategies, and help you replicate their strong points while capitalising on their shortcomings. 

For instance, an analysis can show you the keywords where you’re out-ranked, offering you a chance to improve your content, tags, descriptions and more. It also provides insights into how well you’re faring in the backlink acquisition scene.

Besides picking the right keywords, an audit also offers insights into how many backlinks you need to get to the top of the SERPs. Since an audit reveals where the competition is getting their backlinks from, you can also reach out to some of them for a link as well. 

Building a solid content strategy ensures that you populate your site with relevant and helpful content that impresses your audience. It lets you create a content calendar that capitalises on peak selling periods, such as major events such as holidays and celebrations.

Grow Revenue with an SEO analysis

Running an SEO analysis on your site uncovers your strengths and weaknesses while giving you a peek into what the competition is up to. That offers you a chance to bridge the shortcomings and shore up your strengths. 

It improves the user experience for both your web visitors and search engine bots, translating into more visitors and higher rankings. Increased site visibility, coupled with excellent copywriting, translates into higher conversion rates and growing business revenue. 

As a leading digital agency in Sydney, we can help you carry out this SEO analysis, and rank your site at the top of the search engines.  

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