Social Media Marketing

Corporations understand the significance of social media management. Ignoring this massive segment of the market today – and into the future – could prove fatal for your business.

Many small business owners are trying to take advantage of this trend; however, few are reaping the rewards. Social Media Advertising is not really advertising at all. It is about generating interest, nurturing leads, and of course, making more sales ultimately.

There are many moving parts, with each social media platform geared more towards distinctive demographics, they’re inherently different from each other.

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What is Social Media Management?

You have probably heard of Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Twitter. Statistically speaking, you are presumably a user of at least one of them. 


Are you familiar with the intricacies of each of these social media platforms? 


Do you know which one would be best for your business, or how to use each of them to grow your business effectively?

Social Media Management goes beyond curating a post or promoting your business. It is much more about engaging with your audience and finding new opportunities to reach new prospects.

And, Most Importantly…

Creating highly targeted campaigns that ensure the highest return on your investment.

Deciding on the Best Social Media Platforms
Any successful social media strategy needs to have a plan. You must consider the strengths of each of the social media channels, and evaluate which one(s) will be best for your business.

Below is a summary of each of the social media platforms to help guide you.

Facebook – Is the still the largest social media platform worldwide with 2.41 billion active users monthly. Facebook other strength is the diverse backgrounds and broad demographics; making Facebook a great tool to capitalise on a wider audience.

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Instagram – Instagram is also widely popular, boasting 1 billion active users monthly. Instagram’s audience tends to be younger with a reasonably even gender split with a slightly higher female audience – 52% female vs 48% male. Instagram is well suited to fashion, lifestyle, food, and other visual-focused industries.

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Twitter – There are 330 million active users monthly on Twitter, and 134 million active users daily. It is essentially a news site and a go-to place to see what’s trending. Twitter is ideal for businesses that want to join conversations about trending topics relating to their industry. It can also be used to share content with influencers, or people with high profiles who may find your brand interesting.

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LinkedIn – The world’s biggest B2B social media platform, LinkedIn currently has over 610 million members. The network has 303 million active users monthly, 40% of those visit the site daily. What’s cool about LinkedIn is that 90 Million senior influencers and 63 million decision-makers use LinkedIn. The B2B platform is perfect for brands looking to target businesses in specific industries, company type, or job title.  

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YouTube – The second largest search engine, after Google, with an incredible 2 billion unique users globally each month. YouTube is ideal for businesses who want to engage with their audience with valuable video content. Brands can load as much video content as they like for free, and share their videos via other social media channels.

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Pinterest – Another visual-focused platform, Pinterest is ideal for targeting users interested in DIY, home improvements, health & fitness, weddings and other life events, and more. There are 291 million active users monthly on Pinterest. While men are bridging the significant gender split, females still account for nearly 80% of the Pinterest demographic; making it ideal for brands wanting to target females.   

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Social Media Marketing Agency Sydney 

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