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As a trusted one-stop-shop for all things digital marketing, we cater to businesses in Hawkesbury and surrounding areas that are not getting the most out of their existing websites. If your website is hard to manage, doesn’t truly reflect your professional image, or isn’t playing its role as a consistent source of high-quality leads then our cost-effective website re-design services could be the solution for you.

The scope of our services covers everything from small business websites to bespoke web applications that require advanced coding expertise. We will take the time to understand your products, services, and brand aspirations and translate it into an optimised website with clean, professional design and user-friendly interface.

To ensure that your website is set up to drive results for your business, we pay close attention to a few key principles.

Beautiful Design

Within seconds of arriving at your website, your audience will already be forming an impression of your business. As such, it’s in your interest to present potential customers with the very best version of your company. A poor quality website that hasn’t updated with the times diminishes trust in your brand and will directly lead to some drop-off in people that were interested in your product or service offering.

Our highly experienced design team is adept at creating visually appealing sites without compromising the other critical elements such as functionality and usability.

Responsive Functionality

In the last few years mobile browsing has overtaken the use of desktops worldwide. It’s part of the reason why search engines such as Google now include this component as a ranking factor. As such, your business must provide a seamless user experience for people interacting with your website using different devices.

At Focus on Digital, every website that we design comes with responsive functionality as standard. This improves your website performance and increases the level of engagement with potential customers.

Easy Management

Not only do you expect your website to be a consistent source of leads, you also want to keep the time spent working on it to a minimum so you can concentrate on other important areas of your business. With this in mind, our dedicated web design specialists ensure that managing your website on a day-to-day basis is as easy as can be – even for a complete tech novice.

We also provide basic training on how to use your content management system so you easily make updates such as creating new pages and editing existing ones.

Optimised For Search Engines

The combination of our website design skills and SEO expertise means you can rest assured that we’ll check off every small detail with an impact on your organic search performance. We’ll also ensure that you are set up on Google Analytics when your website goes live, so that you have actionable data from which to make strategic business decisions.

Once your website is live, we remain available to provide strategic input that will keep your website consistently ranking near the top of search results and provide a regular stream of quality leads to support your objectives for revenue growth.

Open Source

We design websites on trusted open source platforms such as WordPress for a simple reason. It gives our clients the flexibility to easily manage their own website and also seek out professional services to administer their marketing activity elsewhere, should they so desire.

That being said, our services are not limited to theme design websites. We are just as proficient in bespoke web development to make absolutely sure that your custom website is a true reflection of your brand vision.

Bringing Your Vision To Life

Our web design services are unrivalled in Hawkesbury. We have the flexibility and expertise to deliver on your vision regardless of the project’s complexity. This level of experience has led us to design and develop intuitive websites for companies in a wide range of industry sectors.

Through our tailored approach to web design, we’ll ensure that you have a professional online presence that enhances your reputation and generates more quality leads for the long-term.

Save yourself time, money, and the hassle of an outdated website. Reach out to one of web design specialists today to learn more about how Focus on Digital can help you drive further business growth.

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