You may have heard the saying: any business without a solid digital marketing campaign is leaving money on the table.

But pray tell, what is digital marketing? Simply put, it’s the tactful art of harnessing the power of the internet to grow your business.

The widespread popularity of the internet has created a diverse collection of efficient marketing and advertising channels. From social media, email campaigns, Google AdWords, SEO, YouTube, display ads, and more, you’re spoilt for choice.

However, with so many options available, digital marketing can be complicated, not to mention daunting. Luckily, it retains some timeless marketing aspects that ensure success when appropriately applied.

Here are some secrets that guarantee the success of any digital marketing campaign you rollout.  

Understand Your Target Market

You need deep insights into your customer base from the outset when venturing into the digital marketing space. Understanding your target audience minimises risks and improves your chances of success.

Start by gathering detailed demographic information as that lets you evaluate the available opportunities. It also helps you to understand the possible limitations you might encounter.

Age, education and income levels, marital status, number of children, hobbies, and interests are some of the crucial demographic details to collect.

With this data, you can gauge the market size, demand, and disposable income of the target audience. It is crucial in determining the best pricing points for your products.

Next, you need to create a buyer persona of your ideal customer.

Deep insights into your ideal customer are crucial to your success because they let you gauge their specific needs, interests, pain points, and desire.

With the help of these statistics, you get to launch a laser targeted, personalised marketing campaign.

Study Your Competition

You can save valuable time and increase your chances of success by studying the most successful players in your niche market. It equates to getting a blueprint from the best player in the sector you wish to join, i.e., learning from the best.

Successful brands have intimate knowledge of the market and have refined their marketing strategies to an art form. Studying them unearths a treasure trove of information that would have otherwise taken you years to learn.

Evaluate their marketing and advertising strategies, brand voice, and how they present their brand to the target audience.

How do they frame their brand messages?

Which marketing techniques do they use?

What specific phrases do they use frequently?

Which tone do they assume when addressing customers?

The goal here isn’t to copy what the competition but rather to figure out what works while selling to that market, and why. You also want to prod for shortcomings that you can exploit and gain an edge.

It saves you valuable time and lets you hit the ground running.

Refine Your Online Marketing Strategy

To the uninitiated, online marketing can be a tad complicated and intimidating. With so many options available, what do you pick, and what do you ignore?

Fortunately, studying the competition and having deep insights into your target audience solves this problem for you.

Since you already know the problems plaguing your target audience, you only need to create media-rich content outlining the solutions. Ensure your content provides useful and practical solutions to those problems, and you’re off to a good start.

You need to position yourself as a subject authority and to have the target audience view you as a leading expert. Superior content attracts readers as well as other webmasters, getting you valuable backlinks effortlessly.

By studying the competition, you already know the most rewarding content distribution channels. You only need to incorporate them into your marketing strategy, and you’re off to a flying start.

Build an Email List from the Outset

Most businesses don’t realise the value of building an email list despite research showing every email marketing dollar generates $44 in revenue.

Building an email list lets you harness this lucrative online marketing strategy. As the name suggests, an email list is a collection of emails that you gather from customers.

Prospects often give up their emails in exchange for updates, discounts, or more product information.

By getting on your mailing list, a prospect permits you to initiate a personalised conversation about your products. Therefore, you can email blasts with your newsletter, product offers, launches, or blog posts.

An email list is an incredible way to build your web traffic, grow your conversion rates, and business revenue. Emails are 40x more effective in customer acquisition compared to Facebook and Twitter.

Best of all, an email list guarantees that your business is never at the mercies of the search engines. If your site loses rankings following an update, you can still reach your customer base through email.

Without an email list, falling off the top search results sounds a death knell for your business.

Does Digital Marketing Call for A Huge Budget?

It all depends on the elements you wish to include in your marketing strategy.

With inbound techniques such as content creation, social media, and SEO, you don’t need a budget at all – if you choose to do it yourself.

However, you will need a considerable budget to outsource the work to a professional.

For outbound marketing techniques such as link building, PPC campaigns, and social media adverts, you need a substantial budget.

However, you can run successful digital marketing campaigns on a small budget if you follow the advice in this helpful guide.


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