WordPress towers over other platforms such as Joomla, Drupal, Shopify, Wix, Magento, and Weebly to power over a third of the internet. 

Thanks to its versatility and broad applications, WordPress is a global phenomenon powering almost half-billion sites on the internet today. 

WordPress is easy to install and deploy and boasts an intuitive user interface. The CMS comes with thousands of templates and plugins, allowing quick deployment time and eliminates development costs. 

While the rest of the platforms have some fantastic tools, these are some of the features that make WordPress best in class. 

WordPress is Adaptable to Any Web Project

Initially, WordPress was built as a blogging platform, and that fuels a misconception that its best well suited for creating blogs. 

Over the years, newer releases have seen platform transform into a granular CMS capable of handling any type of website, even at the enterprise level.  

Thanks to its blogging roots, this CMS allows you to incorporate a blog into your online asset and build a formidable online presence from the get-go.  

While the list is endless, WordPress supports various websites including:

  • Business sites
  • Forums
  • Ecommerce stores 
  • Chatrooms
  • Galleries
  • Membership sites 
  • Business and job directories 
  • Q&A sites 

The content management system comes with thousands of themes and plugins to help you achieve any functionality that you wish to include on your website. 

For instance, to launch an online store from scratch, you only need to choose and eCommerce theme and install a WooCommerce plugin. 

Installing the WooCommerce plugin on an existing WordPress website turns it into eCommerce store without interfering with the rest of it. 

You get to add a product gallery, custom shopping cart, and process payments in multiple currencies. 

Plugins let you include any functionality you desire on a website while allowing you to pick a theme that complements your business and brand.   

It Supports a Media Rich Branding and SEO Strategy 

Reliable marketing and SEO strategies are crucial to improving your online presence, growing web traffic, conversion rates, and building site authority. 

WordPress supports numerous file types to let you get creative with your branding and marketing strategies. 

Besides written content, you get to use a diverse range of media to attract web visitors and entice them to engage with your content. 

From multiple document formats to images to video and audio content, you have infinite ways to attract and engage potential customers.  

Rich media unleashes powerful creative opportunities, allowing you to launch impactful and memorable advertising and marketing campaigns. 

Images and videos are crucial to any successful content strategy since they engage readers while letting you explore any topic in depth. 

Step-by-step video tutorials, animations, music tracks, and picture galleries entice readers to linger on your site and explore your product offerings. 

Since WordPress supports compressed videos, you can pepper your content with helpful video clips without compromising site loading speeds.  

WordPress is Free Open Source Software

Not only is WordPress a top content management system, but its also open source and free. 

As is the case with most open-source software, WordPress boasts contributions from some of the best minds in the world, making it a highly efficient and sophisticated CMS solution. 

There are thousands of free themes to choose from when launching a new website. 

Free themes are best for personal blogs or beginners. Pros opt for premium themes that cost between $50-$100 but offer more functionality and customisation. 

WordPress gives you total autonomy over your website regardless of the hosting option. 

You can host your site free on WordPress.com or opt for one of the three paid plans. Or choose the self-hosted option if you prefer to get a domain name and hosting from a specific hosting company. 

WordPress allows multiple download options, including tar.gz and .zip files, and offers customised one-click installation. You don’t need technical skills to install WordPress as the company provides detailed instructions. 

With a WordPress hosting plan, the company handles the installation, security, maintenance, and even backups.  

WordPress is Compatible with Parental Control Apps

While WordPress allows webmasters to host mature content on their websites, the software comes with a robust system to protect the young and the innocent. 

The CMS marks sites contain nudity, offensive language, and adult-themed content as Mature. 

Such labels restrict the sites from the public WordPress forums and communities to create a friendly learning atmosphere for all. 

Most importantly, labelling sites as Mature enables parental time control apps to filter out such websites. Parents use parental control software to block unwanted content and restrict their kids from accessing risky sites. 

Site owners can also install plugins that trigger pop-up menus that alert web visitors when they are about to access adult-themed content, including gambling. 

WordPress allows users to explore any subject they wish, within legal limits, without exposing kids to inappropriate and potentially harmful content. 

Top Australian Brands Running WordPress Sites 

WordPress powers some of the most successful brands in Australia, including: 

  • FoxSports 
  • New.com.au 
  • Herald Sun
  • The Australian
  • SPC
  • CSIRO blog
  • Daily Telegraph
  • Craftbits 

Powering about a third of the internet, WordPress is miles ahead of other content management systems on the market today. 

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